Apple, cinnamon & nut cupcakes with salted caramel drizzle

salted caramel, apple, cinnamon and nut cupcakessalted caramel, apple, cinnamon and nut cupcake

I was so excited to make these and they turned out so pretty! The topping is sticky and sweet but the cupcake is not too sugary so they go together nicely. I love the colours most of all; because I love yellow and there is a lot lot lot of yellow. We made way more salted caramel than was neccessary for this recipe so I kept it in a tub in the fridge thinking it’ll come in handy for other things. However I’ve managed to munch through nearly all of it in a couple of days… The salty, sweet and creamy combo is way too inticing. Don’t underestimate it, you’ve been warned!!!

The recipe for the cupcakes was adapted from here, the buttercream is just plain vanilla (I mix butter and icing sugar until it tastes about right, then add vanilla essence and a dash of milk), the salted caramel recipe is from here and to make the shards look here

Ingredients for cupcake:

300g plain flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

150g dark brown sugar

2 medium (about 250g) chopped apples (leave skin on)

125g chopped mixed nuts (can use whatever you like but i had a bag of mixed nuts, walnut would be good)

125g butter or margarine

2 eggs

185ml milk

1) Cream the butter and sugar together.

2) Whisk together eggs and milk, then add to butter and sugar.

3) Sift the flour, baking powder and cinnamon into this mix. Add the chopped nuts and apple.

4) Mix by hand until it just comes together. Don’t overmix.

5) Scoop into cupcake cases before baking.

5) Bake at 180C for about 20-35mins. They won’t brown that much so don’t wait til they’re really brown.

Whilst they’re baking (I had to do 2 batches as it made 17 cupcakes and my tray holds only 12) you can start making the buttercream, salted caramel and sugar shards. You need the salted caramel to cool before you can drizzle, so best to do that first.

The trick for both of these seems to be that you stir the sugar and water mix as little as possible whilst its heating up. The sugar shards are fun to smash up:


sugar shards


sugar shards


So, once your cupcakes are out of the oven and cooled: pipe on your buttercream, drizzle that caramel and stick in a few shards! I also have an edible gold coloured spray (it’s so cool) so I sprayed each cupcake on one side. If you look closely they are golden on one side. I didn’t have the best lighting for photos! If I had to make them again I would make the salted caramel with brown sugar as this might give it a deeper colour so it would pop more against the gold spray and white buttercream.

Here’s an interior shot, mmmm:

cupcake cut open

Thanks for reading and come back again!



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