Braided Brioche & Brioche Crescents with Home-made Lemon Curd

                The brioche dough recipe was taken from┬áhere. It’s a Paul Hollywood recipe, of the GBBO. It turned out nicely and I’m very happy with it. I made 2 times the quantity so that I could make both the loaf and the lemon curd brioche crescents. You can […]

Cardamon & cinnamon spiced pistachio and honey chelsea buns

                    These tasted AMAZING! I mostly followed this recipe, which I stumbled across on google. The flavour combo is yummy. I’m thinking of salted caramel instead of honey next time, because I have a current obsession about salted caramel and want to put it in everything. […]

The REAL Millionaire’s Shortbread

              Ever since my recent foray into salted caramel I’ve been wanting to bake something mega caramelific. So of course I thought ah, millionaire shortbread. I was thinking about the use of the word ‘millionaire’ in this snack. It probably emerged from its richness, but I wanted something that […]