Panda Bread

panda bread








This bread looks cute and tastes delightful! I love how the crust comes out – quite a deep brown and so shiny and smooth. I used green food colouring for the background as I didn’t have matcha, but do use matcha if you have it! The brown dough is cocoa.

It’s best to weight the parts for the different bits of coloured dough rather than approximating it. I found on various online sources the ratio of 75g of chocolate dough, 210g plain and 270g green. I stuck EXACTLY with these measurements. So it’s:

a) 90g plain dough laid down flat for the face.

b) two 27g pieces of chocolate dough for the eyes.

c) fill the gap between the eyes with 30g plain dough.

d) roll remaining plain dough over the top of this and join up with the plain dough at the bottom to encase the face.

e) divide left over chocolate dough into 2 (equal weights) for the ears. Place on top, with space in between.

f) 70g of green dough should fill the hollow between the ears then the rest of the green on top.

I found a lot of good tutorials for this online and I recommend that if you make this you should follow this one as it’s the one I followed and I’m pleased with my panda.  It’s good because it has pictures and can guide you through the steps. But make sure to also weigh the pieces out as I said above! It’s ok if it’s a little lopsided or something because it adds character – and I think that’s the beauty of this bread. Of course, when you’re cutting the first slice it’s always going to be nerve wrecking because you want it to be beautiful.

All in all it’s a pretty exciting bread and everyone you show it to will be impressed by the hidden panda!


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