Shortbread Tea Party

Shortbread tea bags

I made teabag and teaspoon shortbread biscuits, and some cocoa shortbread spirals with the leftover dough. I’ve seen these teabag biscuits all over google images (my favourite source of baking inspiration) and had to give it a go. I made some teaspoons too as I thought that would be appropriate given the theme. It’s made from a basic shortbread recipe you can access here. To make the amount I made (10 teabags, 7 teaspoons, a generous amount of cocoa swirl thingys and raw dough for nibbling) I doubled the shortbread recipe. As long as you don’t handle the pastry too much, shortbread will come out perfect every time. Also it’s probably a good idea not to burn it. That has happened to me a few times. Not during this recipe luckily. It’s also important to chill the dough for 20 to 30 mins just before baking as this stops the biscuits from spreading out too much. For the teabags you need to cut a teabag template from card. I traced around a tea bag for this. I pierced the holes once I placed them on a baking sheet. Here is a picture for some idea of how big I made them:

Teabag shortbread

It is important to chill these in the fridge before baking as it helps to prevent those nice holes closing up. SHORTBREAD holes. Once your teabags are out of the oven and cool, brush on some melted dark chocolate. I only put the chocolate on one side as I didn’t have a way of cooling both sides and couldn’t be kerfuzzled with the mess. Whilst they’re baking/cooling you can prepare your labels with appropriate puns. Here are some of mine. To get a hole in the label you can pinch it in half gently and snip with the scissors.

Tea bag labels for shortbread - puns

Finished result after threading through the labels:


tea bag shortbread

For the spoons you will also need a cardboard template. Careful with the handles as they’re very delicate. I broke 3 of them after these photos were taken as I carelessly tossed them into a jar. Sprinkle a little sugar on the spoony end and shove them in the oven for 10mins- ish. Here’s what mine looked like before going in the oven:

teaspoon shortbread

With the remaining dough, you can make the swirly cocoa things. Divide the remaining dough in half and mix cocoa into one of the halves. Try not to work the dough too much. Then roll out both into rectangles and place the plain dough on top of the cocoa dough, or vice-versa. Trim the edges to neaten it up slightly – you can use the excess in a minute. Roll up tightly into a sausage, starting from the longer end. Then slice the rectangle into cookies.

chocolate swirl shortbreadchocolate swirl shortbread

I also had some leftover dough so pressed them together to make some random bits and pieces, as you can see in this photo

shortbread swirls

And here is the final result:

teabag & teaspoon shortbreadswirl shortbread cocoa

I wish I’d made these for an event or something special, but alas. I enjoyed thinking of tearibble puns and want to make these again because they’re my specialtea. Have to admit I also had a lot of help from googling “words that end in ‘TY'”.

Also, in hindsight I realised these would be even better flavoured with tea. Chai tea shortbread with a corresponding label? Ah I so need to make these again.

Now what does a teabag do when its tired? It steeps.


10 thoughts on “Shortbread Tea Party

    • This comment made my day! I was reading this out to my american boyfriend and pronounced ‘Tucson’ wrong. I thought it was pronounced how it was written. He was like, ohhh you mean Tucson, pronounced ‘Tooson’!

      • Awww…I’m so glad it made you smile!
        And you’re not the only one to mispronounce Tucson, so don’t feel bad!
        Have a great day. I can’t wait to see your next creation!

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