Rose & Pistachio Cupcakes

These are rose and pistachio flavour cupcakes, made following this recipe. I did increase the quantity of buttercream, because following the recipe gave me about enough to decorate only half the cupcakes (makes about 12 in total). But it was a great recipe and produced lovely cakes. This is the first time I’ve baked anything […]

Bountiful Bagels

These are poppy seed and sesame seed bagels, made with a blend of white and rye flour. Aside from substituting in the rye and using treacle (I think this is molasses in America) instead of malt, I followed this recipe. I recommend this recipe because it resulted in a beautifully chewy texture; in a way […]

Lemon, poppy seed & lavender tealoaf

Continuing with the sunshine and zest theme, here is a fragrant lemon, poppy seed & lavender tea loaf. I followed this┬árecipe and tweaked it by adding the lavender and using less icing. The back story to this is just that I needed a break from writing my dissertation, nothing elaborate. Although I did go on […]

Sprightly sunflower shortbread

With the current bout of hot weather here in England, a cheerful baking session was in order. Naturally, my first thought was sunflower shortbread. He is surprised because it’s actually sunny, whilst simultaneously appearing apprehensive because it hasn’t rained in like, 2 days. Weird for the UK. This contains lemon extract, orange rind and poppy […]