Halloween Graveyard Cake (and a creepy carved pumpkin)

I know it’s a little early but happy Halloween everybody! T’is the best season to be scary! I figure if Christmas lights can go up now then halloween cakes and pumpkins are definately okay. So I have been celebrating a little earlier. Above on the left is a graveyard cake which is sponge covered with […]

Pistachio, cashew & stilton beer bread

This nutty bread tastes lovely with the addition of stilton, and the use of wholemeal flour, beer and treacle also give it a darker colour and more complex flavour. It’s great for toasting and eating with a layer of thick butter. It’s also a relaxing dough to work with – not sticky or too firm. […]


It’s ciabatta time! Interesting fact about ciabatta is that it was actually first produced in 1982. I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought it was much older than that. This is actually the first time I’ve ciabatta – but I was mega pleased with the results. It had a lovely thin, crackly crust […]