Pistachio, cashew & stilton beer bread

stilton, walnut and cashew bread

This nutty bread tastes lovely with the addition of stilton, and the use of wholemeal flour, beer and treacle also give it a darker colour and more complex flavour. It’s great for toasting and eating with a layer of thick butter. It’s also a relaxing dough to work with – not sticky or too firm. I adapted this recipe from this website.


  • 270g strong white flour
  • 140g strong brown flour
  • 4g salt
  • 7g black treacle
  • 260g beer
  • 6g fast action yeast
  • 30g chopped pistachios
  • 30g cashews
  • 150g crumbled stilton


1) Mix together the two flours, yeast, salt, stilton, cashews and pistachios. Ensure the salt does not directly touch the yeast.

2) Make a well in the centre, and add the beer and the treacle. Mix til it forms a rough ball, then tip on to a clean surface and knead until soft, smooth and elastic.

3) Place in a clean container and cover with cling film. Let rise until about double in size.

4) Punch down the dough, shape and then place into a well floured (mix of flour and corn meal) banneton. Loosely cover with cling film and wait til it has risen again, such that when the dough is indented with a finger, it does not immediately spring back.

5) Tip the dough on to a baking tray (dusted with cornmeal). Slash the top of the dough and then bake for 15 to 20 minutes in an oven preheated to 220C. When baked it should look golden brown and sound hollow when tapped underneath.

Enjoy with lashes of butter or chunks of cheese. Yum!


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