Halloween Graveyard Cake (and a creepy carved pumpkin)

Halloween graveyard cakepumpking carving halloween

I know it’s a little early but happy Halloween everybody! T’is the best season to be scary! I figure if Christmas lights can go up now then halloween cakes and pumpkins are definately okay. So I have been celebrating a little earlier.

Above on the left is a graveyard cake which is sponge covered with chocolate ganache and some biscuit crumbs to give an ‘earthy’ feel. The headless figures and gravestones are gingerbread, and are decorated with fondant and red icing. There are chocolate fingers surrounding the graveyard to resemble a crooked fence.

Above on the right is a pumpkin chewing a terrified clementine. Raaaagggh. We had a lot of fun carving out the teeth. Apparently I have the worst knife handling skills- but everyone survived so I can’t be that terrible.

I hope you are all enjoying Halloween and have a spooooooky time. Next week are pumpkin-shaped bread bowls and mummy bread bowls!



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