Pumpkin and cocoa marbled cupcakes

This recipe was adapted from this page – I changed the quantities from cups to grams, added cocoa to create the marbled effect. changed some of the spice quantities and baked it in cupcake form rather than as a loaf…. So it’s pretty different now. Nowadays, it’s not often that I bake cake – I have evolved […]

Pumpkin filled challah

Inspired by my post last week, here is another filled challah bread. I’d brought back some tinned pumpkin back home after my trip to America, and had been waiting for the right time to bake with it. So here is the result! Pumpkin filled four-strand CHALLAH! This tastes sweet but not cloyingly so. You can […]

Pandan challah filled with sweet black bean paste

I like to think of this non-traditional challah as like a union of Jewish and Asian cuisines. Challah being Jewish, and sweet black bean and pandan essence being Asian. Being half Chinese myself – I LOVE black bean. Sweet black bean is commonly used in a lot of Chinese pastries such as moon cakes (which sell during the […]