Nutella tangzhong bread

Nutella breadNutella bread

These are made using the tangzhong method, which it ensures long lasting super soft and light dough. They are also individually portioned – not too big and not too small. They are not too difficult to make, just take a little longer to shape – but are bound to impress! The tangzhong paste needs to be made first, but this just takes 5 minutes to make, and a little bit of forward planning. I adapted this from a previous blog post I made, which used a recipe from this website.

Ingredients for water roux:

25g flour

125ml water

Ingredients for dough:

260g strong white flour

50g plain flour

40g sugar

3g salt

5g instant yeast

1 egg

40g milk

30g unsalted butter

PLUS: enough nutella to fill the dough (I used a total of 8 big heaped teaspoons). And one extra egg, for brushing on top before baking.


First the water roux needs to be made. Mix the cold water with the flour until the flour is fully incorporated. Then stir over a low heat, until the mixture has thickened to the point it is like the texture of custard. It should be white in colour and leave trails when stirred. Cover, and leave in the fridge to cool to room temperature. It should be covered otherwise it’ll form a skin on top.

The next day, mix together the egg and the milk – and add this mixture to the tangzhong roux that was made the night before. Then add the rest of the dough ingredients, apart from the butter as it is easier to add this later on. Unless you have a bread machine/stand aid – in which case you can add it all in at once.

Mix the dough into a rough ball, then tip out on to a lightly floured surface and knead until it form a smooth and elastic ball. It should be easy to knead and not stick to the surface.

Knead in the butter. This is added later as the butter makes the dough a little stickier and more difficult to knead. Once the butter is evenly incorporated and the dough is no longer sticky, it’s ready for the first rise. Let the dough rise in a bowl covered with cling film for about an hour, or doubled in size.

Once risen, divide into 8 equal pieces. If you’re particular like me you’d weigh each one to check that they’re all exactly the same size – give or take 2 or 3g or so. I’ve discovered that you can never tell if they’re all the same size by sight alone. They’ll all be 10 or 15g off unless I weigh them, I find.

Now, each of the 8 pieces you have is going to be one individual bread. There are two ways to shape these. The quicker way is to roll out the dough into a rough circle, then place a generous teaspoon of nutella into the centre and roughly spread it around a little. (see pictures below)

nutella tangzhong breadnutella tangzhong bread

You then gather the edges and pinch them together, so that the nutella is sealed inside. Place this back on to your floured surface, and roll into a thin rectangle. You then use a pizza cutter or sharp knife to slice lines into this rectangle – ensuring that you don’t cut through the edges (see pictures below).

nutella tangzhong breadnutella tangzhong bread

Then, roll the dough up – starting from the longer edge. Curl the roll around around and gently press the two ends together to form a circular shape. (see pictures below!)

nutella tangzhong breadnutella tangzhong bread

The problem with this method is that I found it was harder to keep the nutella from leeking out, and I couldn’t roll it as thin as I liked.

If you find that you have this problem, it may be easier (but a little more time consuming) to first divide the dough in half and roll both these halves into rough rectangle shapes. Try to roll them as thin as possible. Spread a heaped teaspoon of nutella on one rectangle, like so:

nutella tangzhong bread

Spread this to the edges of the dough. Then, place the other dough rectangle on top, and press down all around the edges to seal. Then roll on top a little, just to ensure that the nutella is evenly spread and you have the dough nice and thin. Then follow the same steps above. I much preferred doing this method – far neater!

Next, place all 8 creations on a lightly greased baking tray, and let rise for about 1 more hour. Space them out well as they rise quite a bit. I didn’t fit all of mine on one tray – as didn’t want to run the risk of them colliding in the oven.

tangzhong nutella bread

Here are 6 on one tray – and 2 were on another. Picture is before rising.

Once fully risen, brush with beaten egg and bake for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 190C. You can also sprinkle seeds or nuts on top, before baking and after brushing on the egg.

I will leave you with a cat, eyeing up the bread.

tangzhong nutella bread


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