Hi I’m Kim-Joy. I’m a keen amateur baker – mostly into baking bread but I do dabble in the odd cake or pastry. Prior to starting this blog I used to write down all my recipes in notebooks and bits of paper hole punched into a folder, and I was so anti-“typing up your recipes on a blog on the INTERNET!”. But I have been successfully converted and I’m finding this blog coming together now I’ve been doing it for a year. It’s an excellent record of what I’ve baked, and I find myself looking back on what I’ve done and thinking what I can tweak to come up with a whole new recipe. It’s also nice to see what other people are baking, and receiving positive comments and advice.

I currently work as a trainee psychological wellbeing practitioner, and I’m looking to do a clinical psych doctorate in the future so that I can be a part time psychologist, as well as a part time baker. Or perhaps combine the two… a bakery where you get therapy! I am a fruitcake but I hope to make lots of dough. Well that was a crummy pun. This is going from batter to waffle!

My aim is to post recipes and ideas that are easy to follow and easy to gobble 🙂. I’d like to show how tasty baking can be achievable with no fancy equipment. The great thing about bread is that it can be made from just four ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. And if it’s sourdough then it can be made with essentially just three ingredients: flour, water and salt. Which is amazing! Of course, extra ingredients can always be added – but what I love about bread is it’s simplicity. Just by playing about with flour/water ratios, altering proving times, ways of working the dough, etc can give you a huge variety in different breads! It blows my mind!


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  1. Ha! If you just get people baking bread they won’t need the councelling! I find the same with pottery. Give someone a lump of clay and they either take out all their agression on it or get so absorbed that they fix themselves somehow. Or maybe they realise that it’s OK to be a little bit crazy, and that they certainly aren’t alone in that. Good luck with it all…

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