Ginger Cat Scones

These are my cat interpretation of the ‘Fat Rascals’ that Betty’s Tea Rooms are known for. Their fat rascals are essentially like a scone or a rock cake, and also feature a distinctive angry ‘rascal’ face, detailed with cherries and almonds. It looks like this: I wanted to do a cat version so I’ve called it ‘Ginger […]

Fudgey oreo brownies

I changed up a previous brownie recipe to make these (originally based on this excellent recipe from – with the addition of a layer of whole oreo biscuits AS WELL AS crumbled oreo pieces atop a substantial layer of frosting, these are even more delectable! I love this recipe as it uses cocoa powder instead […]

Cranberry, pistachio and white chocolate shortbread

These are super quick to make and taste really rich, butter and amazing. They’re quite addictive, you have been warned! The red, green and white colours look really pretty as well. They would make great Christmas nibbles but any time all year round they’ll taste just as yummy. I’m usually not in the mood to […]

Pumpkin and cocoa marbled cupcakes

This recipe was adapted from this page – I changed the quantities from cups to grams, added cocoa to create the marbled effect. changed some of the spice quantities and baked it in cupcake form rather than as a loaf…. So it’s pretty different now. Nowadays, it’s not often that I bake cake – I have evolved […]

Scrumptious traditional scones

Simple and traditional jam and cream scones a la Mary Berry. I’d been craving these since watching the great British bake off episode where they had to make scones alongside some other treats. Mary’s recipe seems to be a little different to other scones recipes in that she incorporates some egg into the pastry. Scones […]

Halloween Graveyard Cake (and a creepy carved pumpkin)

I know it’s a little early but happy Halloween everybody! T’is the best season to be scary! I figure if Christmas lights can go up now then halloween cakes and pumpkins are definately okay. So I have been celebrating a little earlier. Above on the left is a graveyard cake which is sponge covered with […]

Rose & Pistachio Cupcakes

These are rose and pistachio flavour cupcakes, made following this recipe. I did increase the quantity of buttercream, because following the recipe gave me about enough to decorate only half the cupcakes (makes about 12 in total). But it was a great recipe and produced lovely cakes. This is the first time I’ve baked anything […]

Lemon, poppy seed & lavender tealoaf

Continuing with the sunshine and zest theme, here is a fragrant lemon, poppy seed & lavender tea loaf. I followed this recipe and tweaked it by adding the lavender and using less icing. The back story to this is just that I needed a break from writing my dissertation, nothing elaborate. Although I did go on […]

Sprightly sunflower shortbread

With the current bout of hot weather here in England, a cheerful baking session was in order. Naturally, my first thought was sunflower shortbread. He is surprised because it’s actually sunny, whilst simultaneously appearing apprehensive because it hasn’t rained in like, 2 days. Weird for the UK. This contains lemon extract, orange rind and poppy […]