Porridge bread with sundried tomatoes and parmesan chunks

The addition of porridge in this bread gives it a really nice creamy texture, and then it’s lovely when you get bites of parmesan chunks and the sundried tomato! This is the first time I’ve incorporated cooked porridge into a bread – and I’m definitely going to do this more often as it gives a […]

Another sourdough experiment

This is another sourdough experiment, continuing on from some previous experiments I made on this San Francisco sourdough recipe, thanks to the weekend bakery website. I was previously experimenting with different levels of hydration and different approaches to shaping the dough after the first prove. This loaf is the 4th experiment, which I’ve finally gotten round to writing about (I’ve been […]

Three experiments in sourdough

So, over the course of a few week I’ve been experimenting with this San Francisco sourdough recipe. I’ve been determined to find the best level of hydration for this dough, one that can hold a nice shape, and produce a nice open crumb. Each loaf took about four days – as the sponge is left […]

Pistachio, cashew & stilton beer bread

This nutty bread tastes lovely with the addition of stilton, and the use of wholemeal flour, beer and treacle also give it a darker colour and more complex flavour. It’s great for toasting and eating with a layer of thick butter. It’s also a relaxing dough to work with – not sticky or too firm. […]