Beetroot Tangzhong Buns

I adapted this recipe from hokkaido milk bread,┬ástill using the tangzhong method to get soft, fluffy bread – but replacing a lot of the liquid with beetroot (which is about 87% water!) to keep the hydration as similar as possible. There is actually a higher water content/hydration level in this recipe (200g beetroot = about […]

Wholemeal sourdough tangzhong buns

This is a 70% wholemeal bread, but would also work well as a 100% wholemeal bread because the soaker technique and use of tangzhong combined makes it really really soft, not hard like some home made wholemeal breads can turn out! As it’s sourdough too, it has a great flavour and stays fresh for longer. […]

Home made burger buns (Tangzhong method)

              The crust of these burger buns stays really soft because of the tanzhong method. The interior is fluffy and tastes almost like brioche except it’s way healthier and easier to make because there’s not tons of butter! This recipe made enough for 3 large burger buns and 6 […]