Chocolate ganache macarons

Macarons, macarons, macarons!!! Tough to get juuust right but such a sense of achievement when do all turn out uniform, and most importantly with feet (that’s the bubbly area underneath). They almost sound like little soldiers with little feet, wearing pink uniforms! In order to get  your troops to match the above description, from my repeated […]

Fudgey oreo brownies

I changed up a previous brownie recipe to make these (originally based on this excellent recipe from – with the addition of a layer of whole oreo biscuits AS WELL AS crumbled oreo pieces atop a substantial layer of frosting, these are even more delectable! I love this recipe as it uses cocoa powder instead […]

Cranberry, pistachio and white chocolate shortbread

These are super quick to make and taste really rich, butter and amazing. They’re quite addictive, you have been warned! The red, green and white colours look really pretty as well. They would make great Christmas nibbles but any time all year round they’ll taste just as yummy. I’m usually not in the mood to […]

Raw, gluten free, vegan brownies… round two!

I made raw, vegan, gluten-free brownies containing no added sugar and posted about it on here, a few posts back. They were delicious as they were naturally sweet from the high quantity of dates, and with the added cocoa it just tastes like sweet chocolatey brownie. The texture is different to that of brownies made with added […]

Raw vegan expresso brownie bars

The first time I tasted a raw vegan brownie was when I was living in Bristol and came across a health food store. I couldn’t believe that a raw brownie could be so yummy and be so rich and decadent. Fast forward a few years and here I am trying to replicate that experience at […]

Halloween Graveyard Cake (and a creepy carved pumpkin)

I know it’s a little early but happy Halloween everybody! T’is the best season to be scary! I figure if Christmas lights can go up now then halloween cakes and pumpkins are definately okay. So I have been celebrating a little earlier. Above on the left is a graveyard cake which is sponge covered with […]

Shortbread Tea Party

I made teabag and teaspoon shortbread biscuits, and some cocoa shortbread spirals with the leftover dough. I’ve seen these teabag biscuits all over google images (my favourite source of baking inspiration) and had to give it a go. I made some teaspoons too as I thought that would be appropriate given the theme. It’s made […]

Brownies with fudge chunks

I have followed several different brownie recipes and this one genuinely produced the fudgiest and tastiest brownies EVER. It makes brownies which are gooey, not cakey – AKA the best kind of brownies. I added home made fudge chunks and cashew nuts to the recipe to add a little extra sweetness and bite, but I […]