Chocolate ganache macarons

Macarons, macarons, macarons!!! Tough to get juuust right but such a sense of achievement when do all turn out uniform, and most importantly with feet (that’s the bubbly area underneath). They almost sound like little soldiers with little feet, wearing pink uniforms! In order to get  your troops to match the above description, from my repeated […]

Fudgey oreo brownies

I changed up a previous brownie recipe to make these (originally based on this excellent recipe from – with the addition of a layer of whole oreo biscuits AS WELL AS crumbled oreo pieces atop a substantial layer of frosting, these are even more delectable! I love this recipe as it uses cocoa powder instead […]

Cranberry, pistachio and white chocolate shortbread

These are super quick to make and taste really rich, butter and amazing. They’re quite addictive, you have been warned! The red, green and white colours look really pretty as well. They would make great Christmas nibbles but any time all year round they’ll taste just as yummy. I’m usually not in the mood to […]

Pumpkin and cocoa marbled cupcakes

This recipe was adapted from this page – I changed the quantities from cups to grams, added cocoa to create the marbled effect. changed some of the spice quantities and baked it in cupcake form rather than as a loaf…. So it’s pretty different now. Nowadays, it’s not often that I bake cake – I have evolved […]

Burger buns sprinkled with spicy seeds

These burgers are soft as a pillow and the spicy seeds give it a little zippy kick. If you’re in a rush to get prepared for a barbecue like I was, these are great because there isn’t much kerfuffle. I also did a tangzhong burger bun recipe which takes a little longer but it’s worth it […]

Cheddar and marmite pull apart bread

For anyone who loves marmite this is a dream! It gets gobbled up so quickly because you can just keep pinching at it here and there, with the rationalisation that if you haven’t had a whole slice you haven’t really eaten much right? Before you know it it’s all GONE! Ingredients: 260g strong white bread […]