Cranberry, pistachio and white chocolate shortbread

These are super quick to make and taste really rich, butter and amazing. They’re quite addictive, you have been warned! The red, green and white colours look really pretty as well. They would make great Christmas nibbles but any time all year round they’ll taste just as yummy. I’m usually not in the mood to […]

Tangzhong hot cross loaf and buns!

These hot cross buns are ever so slightly non traditional with the use of the tangzhong method to make them super super soft, and the chocolate cross on top. Aaand also through the middle! Yes that’s right, there is a chocolate brown cross in every slice of this hot cross bun loaf. Okay, so maybe […]

Pumpkin filled challah

Inspired by my post last week, here is another filled challah bread. I’d brought back some tinned pumpkin back home after my trip to America, and had been waiting for the right time to bake with it. So here is the result! Pumpkin filled four-strand CHALLAH! This tastes sweet but not cloyingly so. You can […]

Burger buns sprinkled with spicy seeds

These burgers are soft as a pillow and the spicy seeds give it a little zippy kick. If you’re in a rush to get prepared for a barbecue like I was, these are great because there isn’t much kerfuffle. I also did a tangzhong burger bun recipe which takes a little longer but it’s worth it […]

Brownies with fudge chunks

I have followed several different brownie recipes and this one genuinely produced the fudgiest and tastiest brownies EVER. It makes brownies which are gooey, not cakey – AKA the best kind of brownies. I added home made fudge chunks and cashew nuts to the recipe to add a little extra sweetness and bite, but I […]