Beetroot Tangzhong Buns

I adapted this recipe from hokkaido milk bread, still using the tangzhong method to get soft, fluffy bread – but replacing a lot of the liquid with beetroot (which is about 87% water!) to keep the hydration as similar as possible. There is actually a higher water content/hydration level in this recipe (200g beetroot = about […]

Cinnamon tangzhong wreath

This is a nice, light and sweet bread – and the wreath/couronne shape makes it look quite pretty, yet it’s really easy to form the shape with the cinnamon sugar filling, as the filling isn’t too wet! Like lots of my favourite bakes, it’s made using the tangzhong method – which ensures that it’s really soft and […]

Whole wheat seeded Hokkaido milk bread

This is a whole wheat twist on the popular Hokkaido milk bread (see my previous post for pictures of this amazingly fluffy bread!). Hokkaido milk bread is popular in Chinese bakeries because of its super soft, pillowy texture and its ever so slightly sweet taste – all wrapped up in a paper thin, soft and shiny crust. […]

Sriracha, marmite and cheddar bread

A bread combining some of the best things: marmite, cheese and sriracha hot sauce! You can tell cheese and marmite is one of my favourite things, as this is my third bake on this blog combining those flavours, and this blog is relatively new-ish. There’s also a little addition of sriracha to heat things up. […]

Marmite, Cheddar & Cashew Beer Bread Pinwheels

            If you’re looking for super soft beer bread (perfect for pinwheels), this is it. Pinwheels are often made with milk rather than water to get that soft fluffy texture, so I couldn’t just switch the milk out for the beer.  It required a little more tweaking. There is added […]