Potato Onion Rye Meteil

  This is made following Peter Reinhart’s recipe from the book ‘Whole grain bread’ – one of the best books I ever chose to buy! It has some amazing techniques for making 100% wholemeal breads. This bread is with a rye and wholemeal flour mix – no white flour at all! The crumb is a […]

Tartine country bread

These are made following the recipe from the ‘tartine country bread’ recipe from Chad Robertson’s bread book. The nice thing about this bread is that, for sourdough, it doesn’t take too long to make. Plus, it produces a crisp, blistery crust and a flavoursome open crumb. I’ve made two loaves here, the round boule was […]

Wholemeal sourdough tangzhong buns

This is a 70% wholemeal bread, but would also work well as a 100% wholemeal bread because the soaker technique and use of tangzhong combined makes it really really soft, not hard like some home made wholemeal breads can turn out! As it’s sourdough too, it has a great flavour and stays fresh for longer. […]

Sourdough marbled brioche

This is a braided sourdough brioche with marbled cocoa layers. This is similar to the recipe I adapted for the sourdough brioche couronne, except it has added sugar and some cocoa powder to get that marbling effect.  I have made this twice before – sadly the first time I made it I dropped it on the floor right after […]

Another sourdough experiment

This is another sourdough experiment, continuing on from some previous experiments I made on this San Francisco sourdough recipe, thanks to the weekend bakery website. I was previously experimenting with different levels of hydration and different approaches to shaping the dough after the first prove. This loaf is the 4th experiment, which I’ve finally gotten round to writing about (I’ve been […]

Sourdough marmite and cheddar tear loaf

This is a sourdough version of a previous recipe I wrote about quite a while ago on here. I have just subtracted the flour and water quantities of the starter sponge from the rest of the ingredients and adjusted the recipe accordingly. This is still one of my favourite recipes because I can never get sick of the […]

Sourdough sundried tomato and pesto brioche couronne

This is my sourdough adaptation of the previous brioche couronne recipe I wrote about on here – which was originally based on Paul Hollywood’s brioche couronne recipe, but with a twist on the filling (sundried tomato and pesto instead of ham and mozzarella). I realised there are technically TWO twists on the fillings as the actual […]

Three experiments in sourdough

So, over the course of a few week I’ve been experimenting with this San Francisco sourdough recipe. I’ve been determined to find the best level of hydration for this dough, one that can hold a nice shape, and produce a nice open crumb. Each loaf took about four days – as the sponge is left […]

Chilli Sourdough Focaccia with Garlic Stuffed Olives, Rosemary & Red Onion

              I adapted this recipe from here. It’s made using a pure rye sourdough starter. I love focaccia, and sourdough focaccia even more so. There’s the slightest hint of chilli in here which gives it a nice kick. Focaccia is super because you can get away with a wide […]