Porridge bread with sundried tomatoes and parmesan chunks

The addition of porridge in this bread gives it a really nice creamy texture, and then it’s lovely when you get bites of parmesan chunks and the sundried tomato! This is the first time I’ve incorporated cooked porridge into a bread – and I’m definitely going to do this more often as it gives a […]

Sourdough sundried tomato and pesto brioche couronne

This is my sourdough adaptation of the previous brioche couronne recipe I wrote about on here – which was originally based on Paul Hollywood’s brioche couronne recipe, but with a twist on the filling (sundried tomato and pesto instead of ham and mozzarella). I realised there are technically TWO twists on the fillings as the actual […]

Pesto and sundried tomato brioche couronne

This is a yummy savoury pesto and sundried tomato brioche couronne! It’s a Paul Hollywood recipe from here, although I’ve just tweaked it a little by changing the filling. I used pesto and sundried tomato instead of mozzarella and ham. So, it’s a veggie friendly version! Any filling that’s not too wet could be substituted […]