Cinnamon tangzhong wreath

This is a nice, light and sweet bread – and the wreath/couronne shape makes it look quite pretty, yet it’s really easy to form the shape with the cinnamon sugar filling, as the filling isn’t too wet! Like lots of my favourite bakes, it’s made using the tangzhong method – which ensures that it’s really soft and […]

Tangzhong hot cross loaf and buns!

These hot cross buns are ever so slightly non traditional with the use of the tangzhong method to make them super super soft, and the chocolate cross on top. Aaand also through the middle! Yes that’s right, there is a chocolate brown cross in every slice of this hot cross bun loaf. Okay, so maybe […]

Blueberry and cinnamon chelsea buns

   Adapted from this website (sally’s baking addiction) – I changed the filling as I didn’t have frozen blueberries, and also wanted cinnamon in my buns. I also changed some of the steps as I felt that 10 minutes for the first rise was too short. The difference between using fresh blueberries and frozen, is that the fresh […]

Pumpkin filled challah

Inspired by my post last week, here is another filled challah bread. I’d brought back some tinned pumpkin back home after my trip to America, and had been waiting for the right time to bake with it. So here is the result! Pumpkin filled four-strand CHALLAH! This tastes sweet but not cloyingly so. You can […]

Pandan challah filled with sweet black bean paste

I like to think of this non-traditional challah as like a union of Jewish and Asian cuisines. Challah being Jewish, and sweet black bean and pandan essence being Asian. Being half Chinese myself – I LOVE black bean. Sweet black bean is commonly used in a lot of Chinese pastries such as moon cakes (which sell during the […]

Courgette Tear & Share Bread – Two Ways

I had an abundance of courgettes in the house a few days ago and thinking about courgette tea loaves made me want to incorportate courgette (or zucchini for those in America) into a yeasted bread. I floated between wanting to make a sweet courgette tear bread with cinnamon spices or a savoury one with cheddar […]

Sweet black bean rolls

These are super soft, light rolls filled with a silky sweet black bean paste. The secret to their longlasting softness is the tangzhong method – which involves the addition of a water roux. This is effectively just a small amount of the flour cooked with boiling water, kind of like a milk roux. It gives […]

Lemon, poppy seed & lavender tealoaf

Continuing with the sunshine and zest theme, here is a fragrant lemon, poppy seed & lavender tea loaf. I followed this recipe and tweaked it by adding the lavender and using less icing. The back story to this is just that I needed a break from writing my dissertation, nothing elaborate. Although I did go on […]